Good Work done never perishes (by Shiva Kant Jha)

I would end this Part telling you what Krishna had told  Arjuna when he had asked Krishna, in the battlefield of Kurukshetra: of what worth is the entire endeavour if it turns out futile in the end. A ‘movement’, or a ‘revolution’ is a march with a mission towards the future. We are scripting our deeds only on the passing moments of the living present. What the Lord told Arjuna  is  valid in  all times as what He said is the very existential truth:

पार्थ एव इह अमुत्र विनाशः तस्य विद्यते

हि कल्याण कृत कः चित् दुर्गतिं तात गच्छति

(‘O, Partha (Arjuna), neither in this life nor hereafter is there destruction for him; for never does anyone who does good, dear friend, tread the path of woe.’ Chapter VI.40)

 It should be read recalling the oft-seen but seldom understood quote from one of the the inscriptions on our Parliament:

 “अन्त में लिफ्ट संख्या 5 के निकटवर्ती गुम्बद पर फारसी का यह भित्ति लेख है:-

बरी रूवाके जेबर्जद नविश्ता अन्द बेर्ज,
जुज निकोईअहले करम नख्वाहद् मान्द।।”

“This lofty emerald like building bears the inscription in gold, Nothing shall last except the good deeds of the bountiful.”



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