When the observes melt into the things observed ( Sept. 3, 2015)

“But what one sees is always determined by one’s state of mind, in fact, by one’s personality. The observer melts into the things observed. There is a point in David Hume’s view that ‘beauty’ is what a contemplating mind sees in it. No better example of how the mind of the observers work can be thought about than what we get in the Canto X of the Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana. The poet describes how Krishna appeared to the persons assembled in the Court of King Kamsa. To the wrestlers he appeared diamond-hard, a vajra-like; to the ordinary people he appeared humanity at its best; to the women he was the very incarnation of Kama, the lord of love; to the people of Vraja (the Gopas) he was a friend most cordial; to the crooked kings he appeared an instrument of punitive justice; to the old people he was just a lovely child; to Kamsa he appeard as the Lord of Death; to the ignorant he appeared too big to be comprehended; to the Yogis he was the Reality Absolute; and to the devotees from the Vrisni dynasty he appeared.”


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