1. I have discussed some important issues relating to the problems of Black Money under examination by the Sup. Ct. appointed SIT in my recently published memoir ‘On the Loom of Time, The Portrait of My Life and Times’.
[ Its Foreword has been written by Hon’ble R. C. Lahoti, a former Chief Justice of India, and it has received appreciation from Noam Chomsky, former Professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Shri Rajinder Sachar, former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court; Shri S. N. Jha, former Chief Justice of the J & K, and the Rajasthan High Courts; Dr Justice G.C. Bharuka, former Actg. Chief Justice High Court of Karnataka; Dr Vineet Kothari, Judge of the Rajasthan High Court; Shri Shanti Bhushan, Sr Advocate & a former Law Minister of the Union of India; Shri Gopal Subramanium, a Sr Advocate of the Supreme Court Bar; Shri Ram Jethmalanni, a Sr. Advocate; and Professor John Carry Sims of McGregor School of Law at Sacramento, CA; and Dr M.L. Upadhyaya, a former Dean of Calcutta University and a former National Professor. You may visit the blog to access the comments on the book and the introductory materials to form an impression about the book.]

2. Some of the points touched in the book are thus portrayed in the following brief table. Details can be found in the book (of about 700 pages). The following table draws attention to some major points:
Issues pertaining to Black Money dealt with in Shiva Kant Jha’s ON THE LOOM OF TIME, The Portrait of My Life & Times
Whilst the issues relating to Black Money is recurrent in the Book II ( A Cog in the Machine) of the Memoir (Chapters 10-15) , they have been examined in the present context in the Book III of the Memoir( Illusion & Reality) at several places. Readers may find the references useful.

Factors contributing to the Realm of Darkness facilitating the creation, expansion, and protection of Black Money Chapter 26

The Problem of the Black Money stashed in Foreign Jurisdictions Pp 428-439
The Black Money Case , analysed, evaluated, interpreted. The direction as to the SIT, its ambit of operations, The Government’s initial objections, and the worth of the Plea to Recall, A phase of creative delay that ended with the Modi Government; Initial objections examined Chapt. 28 PP. 461-480
Reflections on the SIT at work Postscript IV 552-561
THE PROBLEM Chapt. 29 The whole Chapter
Constitutional Perspective and the operative realities of the global economy Postscript VI and its Appendix ( A Deal with the Devil) 571-602
The saddening precedent: The misuse of the Indo-Mauritius DTAA that shows love for darkness most needed for black money and its fountain-head: Corruptions thriving in the opaque system Chapt 23 The whole Chapter
Right Perspective for the citizenry
Postscripts I to VI PP. 539-602

3. Some ideas about the book, and the matters dealt with in it can be had from the book-review entitled ‘A Comprehensive Review of Shiva Kant Jha’s ‘ON THE LOOM OF TIME, The Portrait of My Life and Times’ by Shri Shailendra Kumar in his article dated December 25, 2014 [ published in On the]. Its link runs thus
This detailed Review is worth being read for light and information.

Shiva Kant Jha