Shri Krishna’s Relevance To Our Country’s Governance

‘If the teachings of Krishna are shared by all,
The fissiparous hawks would exist no more.
That would end the hiatus betwixt the Brahmins and the Mullahs,
And would make them the masters of their times.
The babbling of paeans for the aliens would cease,
And the crafts and covin would come to close.
We wish that the moon comes up even from the dust of our land,
Making our motherland emerge glorious and bold.
In this song of soul there is the strain of Krishna’s flute,
We pray that the expectations of our heart come true.’
– Maulana Zaffar Ali Khan of Punjab
{Translated from the text in an article on ‘Muslim Poets and Bhagawan Shrikrishna’ by Brajmohanji Verma in of Shrikrishnank p. 677 [ the Gita Press, Gorakhpur]}


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