The Prime Minister, the Sun or the Cipher (by Shiva Kant Jha)

The Prime Minister, the Sun or the Cipher  (by Shiva Kant Jha)

                                          As the British constitutional history shows, the Prime Minister always tried to increase his powers, and role. The monarch had his own reasons to be support the Prime Minister. My study of the British constitutional history proves that the culture of the executive government, whether in the 17th century or in the 21st century, has been the same:  to acquire great powers by means fair or foul.  Historical circumstances helped  the Prime Minister emerge very powerful and domineering person. The institution of the Prime Minister even  become autocratic as the  parliament  failed to realize, and assert, its powers.  

              He  could  become  imperious by threatening the  dissolution of the House forcing the members to go to the hustings to try their luck again. In normal course there  is nothing to fear facing again and again own people. Frequent elections are often good as people have better knowledge of the political systems at work, and also as the representatives are made more accountable and responsive to people. Besides, if someone is good and deserving in the eyes of people,  there is no reason to get worried in  facing fresh elections. The real reason is their  fear psychosis as they are not sure to get re-elected as they know they have  not endeared  themselves to their people. In this game of self-preservation,  the  persons belonging to different political, otherwise at  loggerheads, shake hands to come together!  But,  why should they tremble to face re-election ? why should elections require money, and that too so much? I have suggested  a model for selecting persons for elections where expenditure would be just zero   

                Why has our Parliament failed in controlling the ‘cabinet’ effectively? Why should we allow situations to emerge when the  great institution of parliament becomes  non-functional.  Things are bound to become worse if we allow the  ‘corporations’ to dominate. It is not difficult to see how the Big Business is so happy with the executive government.  The dominance of the executive government helps the mighty international investors, and sharp operators to have their ways.  Democracy languishes, and ‘constitution’ is made a mere  scarecrow.  We  must realize that we  all are on trial before the Bar of History: let us see what judgement we deserve. 


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