Story of Two Frogs: Plight of our ‘low arousal people’ (by Shiva Kant Jha)

Story of Two Frogs: Plight of our ‘low arousal people’

                      “Now things every bit as wild as this are being received in silence every day. All strokes slip on the smoothness of a polished wall. All blows fall soundless on the softness of a padded cell.”    G.K. Chesterton

                     A society, which keeps on accepting aberrations and  injustice over a long time, is most unfortunate. Massive strokes of injustice, when suddenly inflicted, lead to powerful reaction. But when they come in low doses, the victims keep adjusting with them.  This process of adjustment destroys  the capacity to react to  make their lot better.  We cannot enjoy sojourn on a plateau: if we cannot go up, we must go down. . This brings to my mind a story of  two frogs which a naughty boy had caught for his macabre  play. He hurled one into a pan of boiling water. The frog reacted with instant verve, and  jumped out to  fall with a thud  on the green grass. So it survived. The second frog  enjoyed the cool water. But the boy  set fire wood ablaze under the pan in which the frog rested with delight. The water which was cool and comfortable was getting  warmer & warmer. Then it felt that water was getting warmer, then inconvenient, and then inclement.. The unlucky frog fritted away its energy in the process of adjusting  with  its  circumstances as getting shaped. And it died.

            The tragedy that was wrought at Kurukshetra (as portrayed in the Mahabharata ) could have been avoided if persons like Bhishma, Drone, and Kripacharya would have refused to keep on adjusting with the circumstances wrought by Duryodhana.  


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