The Anna Movement enters decisive phase through its Response to the Challenge. My Reflections on the day he decided to cross the Rubicon, and blew his Panchajanya Read the full text at at []

It is great that the Anna Movement has perceived its kartavy-karma by pushing, in effect, its activities from node ‘B’ to node ‘C’ on the line of fire that ascends from mere ‘protest’ to a ‘revolution’.

1. On August 26, 2011, the 11th day of Anna’s fast against ‘corruption’, I had, in the Chapter 22 of my Autobiographical Memoir On the Loom of Time, drawn up the ascending line of fire that illustrates how the grammar of revolution works in history. I drew this line thus:

And I put my gloss on this image with utmost brevity thus:

“Anna’s movement, it seems to me, did not go higher than the point ‘B’ on the line. I cannot say that the Movement would have gone up on the line, if our government would have been insensitive and unresponsive. History shows that situations do come when from the node ‘B’ there is a leapfrogging to ‘D’. But such a leapfrog takes place when the issues are momentous and widely shared, and the institution at node ‘C’ shows its irrelevance,”

There is a good justification for ascending to the node ‘C’. I wish our nation would get full justice at ‘C’ itself. Anna’s decision to provide a political alternative to the people of India is prudent, and pragmatic.


This Anna Movement is unique because it will have to respond to challenges much more difficult than what Gandhi or JP had faced.

2. What I had written in my Autobiographical Memoir, On the Loom of Time on Anna’s Movement sometime in August 2011, seems to me apt even now: to quote two extracts—

“In my considered view Anna would experience greater odds in course of his struggle to free our society from corruption than what Mahatma Gandhi had experienced to free our country from the British yoke, or what Jayaprakash Narayan had faced in the struggle against Emergency. I cannot commit the folly of comparing Anna with Gandhi, or J.P. But the problems they had faced were easier for many reasons. To some extent, Anna’s movement reminds us of the struggle Jesus had carried on against the powerful Herodian establishment’s ‘evil or oppressive economic power’, and had worked against the unjust social and economic order of the time. The beneficiaries of that corrupt system considered Jesus ‘political’ and ‘social’ rebel (see Chapter 20 of this Memoir) sufficiently dangerous to the persons in power. Anna’s struggle is even more difficult. The gains of corruption are enjoyed by the persons in power, and the corporations who cast their spell on the way we live and think. Anna’s fight against corruption seems to me more difficult than any struggle for any public cause about which we have read in recent history. All the beneficiaries, of ‘corruption’ are bound to flock together from all the spheres to devise strategies and hone their Mephistophelian logic, in protecting their illicit gains. They know how to collapse their differences to promote their secret agenda. But let us see what happens in this land of Krishna and Gandhi, Shivaji and Laxmibai. We believe that, in the end, Dharma is always triumphant, Justice always prevails, and Truth always wins. Our society never lost hope, and it shall never lose it in future.”

“I had witnessed, and suffered, the Quit India Movement of 1942; I had watched, while at Patna, the J. P. Movement against the Emergency; and now I see Anna’s movement, and our people’s response to his call. In my assessment, the present movement is sui generis. The Quit India Movement was against the British rule in India; the J. P. Movement was against Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s arbitrary rule in breach of Constitution; but the present movement is against the operators from the Realm of Darkness, the MNCs, the corrupt governments, bureaucrats, and corrupt politicians, the very Axis of Evil, the very ‘Root of All Evil’. What is happening in our country is great. Whilst ‘corruption’ has bedevilled our nation over all the decades after our Independence, this evil has grown so much over the recent years that our whole society, our whole system, our whole culture, have come to tread on the path of ruin. Our resources are mercilessly extracted, our environment is cruelly milked, and our national identity is being destroyed. Anna’s movement, massive though it is everywhere in our country, is wholly peaceful the like of which our history has not seen. But I wish the wielders of public power get the wisdom to read the message that this wide public response conveys. The whole movement is peaceful, but this lull and peace must not be misread. I hope things do not come to such a pass when Krishna is compelled to put aside His flute, and allow His Sudarshnachakra to come to swirl and revolve above his finger awaiting instruction to operate as the supreme weapon of creative destruction.”

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