My Autobiographical Memoir, ON THE LOOM OF TIME

My Autobiographical Memoir, On the Loom of Time, published, in Oct. 2011, by Taxmann Publications (P) Ltd 59/32 New Rohtak Road, New Delhi 110005 ( e-mail:, is now in the market. Its Foreword has been written by Justice R,C, Lahoti, a former CJI; and it has received high appreciation from Noam Chomsky, John Carry Sims, Shanti Bhushan, Sr. Advocate and former Law Minister of India, Justice Rajindar Sachar (former CJ of the Delhi High Court), Dr. Justice Bharuka, and others. The Chief Justice of India has conferred on me a Certificate of Honour for writing this book. It was done on the Law Day in the gathering of the lawyers, Judges of the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court..
I have put on the homepage of my website and on my twitter!/shivakantjha: (i) a short write-up on the book (ii) its Contents, and (iii) a Critique of the book. These materials will help you decide whether it is worthwhile to go through the book. You may look into the two book-reviews which have come to my notice: their links are thus mentioned—
If ever you cast you glace through the book, I would request you to let me have your suggestions, comments, or reflections on topics dealt with in the book so that I can correct/enrich/modify the text wherever it may be found worthwhile to do so. If you find any difficulty in getting this book, please let me know that on my e-mail so that I can tell the Publishes to see that you get that soon.

1 thought on “My Autobiographical Memoir, ON THE LOOM OF TIME

  1. Amazing book really reveal many things which we understand once we read the book,very knowledgble and inspiring. It tells alot about our past Glory and gives us the path to move forward in LIFE.

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